Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am glad I am not two.

Two is a challenging age not only for the parents of the two-year-old, but also for the child.

As frustrated as I am with our beloved Wee One lately, I also often feel bad for him.

This can't be fun for him either.

Cute, but conflicted.

Conversations with the Wee One:

"What you want to eat, baby one?"
Pause while yogurt is obtained.
"Here you go Bud."
Yogurt is shoved away violently. Hysterical crying ensues.
"What is the matter, Bud? What do you want to eat?"
Hysterical crying continues.


Ear piercing screech. 
I jog into the living room. 
"What is the matter, Bud?"
I frisk him - looking for injury. 
"What is it? You gotta tell me, Bud. I can't help unless you tell me."
"I dwop it! I dwop da cah! Waaaaaah!"
"You dropped your car? This car right here by your feet?"
"Yeeeaaaahhhh! Waaaaaah!"
"Umm. Okay. Did you want to pick it up?"
"Yeah." Hysterics over. 


We are sitting together, coloring with crayons. 
"Make a twuck!" he says, and hands me a yellow crayon. 
As I attempt to take the yellow crayon from his outstretched hand he yanks it away and says,
"NO! I usin' dis one!"
"Make a twuck!" he tries again, and again attempts to hand me a crayon. 
Again I reach for it. 
Again, "NO! I usin' dis one!"
I look at him.
He looks at me. 
We both look at the crayon. 
We repeat the cycle until he's ready to relinquish a crayon. 


  1. My two year old is pretty chill, except for wanting to be picked up all the time. It's my three year old that still does all this! It's just a phase.... right??...

  2. Melissa, this is hilarious. Oh, how I know that frustration! You are one patient mama!

  3. unfortunately they will grow out of this stage and get into much more serious issues and you will be longing to go back to this..remember what your grandmother used to say "a toddler needs a strong personality" and then she would blame "conflicted" behavior on teething hehe love,MOM