Monday, August 29, 2011


Good morning friends.

Did we all enjoy Irene?

Our little family fared very well, with the exception of this one tree

So sad, tree.

By the time Irene got to our neighborhood, she was mostly a windy rainstorm. So I do not know why this tree keeled over.  All the other trees were swaying gently, no one seemed alarmed - then all of a sudden - Ker-Smash, this tree bites the dust. He was a sad tree, I think.


By mid afternoon my children had reached their indoor-play-tolerance-limit, and were climbing the walls.

So we headed out into the wind and drizzle.

"I wearin' my wain coawt."

Irene came and rained all over the Wee One's birthday.

My baby is two. Two.

"Whas dat?" he asks.
"Wind." I say.
"Wind! Whooooosssshhhh!"

A little windy drizzle did not stop my perpetual-joy-machine from riding his "yodacycle" to his heart's content, while his mama hid in the garage.


More on the birthday when we celebrate this weekend, I think.

I have a few things to say about my baby being two.

Hope you are all well - Happy Monday!


  1. happy birthday to wee one looks like he had fun. and happy monday to you guys..we fared very well no interruption in power so dad could work and surf the net and i read most of the day..give beautiful boys a kiss for me talk to you soon love,NANO

  2. Awww, happy second birthday, little guy!! :) Mine turns two in 2 weeks- it's amazing how fast they grow up!