Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Good morning, gang.

The weather the past few days has been a bit unusual for New England in early August - the days are hot but the nights? Well the nights have been a bit, chilly.

This cool-at-night, hot-during-the-day business reminds me of a season which is not summer, but which I won't mention - for fear of bringing to mind the season which follows the cool-at-night-hot-during-the-day season.

You with me?


The season I am reminded of, but not mentioning, always gets me crazily motivated to clean and organize.

I think it's a throw-back to my school days.

I used to drag my mother all over creation looking for just the perfect planner. My entire academic career hinged on having the perfect planner, writing utensils, and notebooks.

Sadly, I'm not going to school this year so my crazed need for planning and organization has been focused around the house.

I'm hanging pictures, purging drawers, and attacking the playroom.

This past weekend - a beloved friend and cousin (maker of the treasured yoga-mat-bag) helped me apply contact paper to empty diaper boxes and label them with pictures to help the kids assist with clean-up-time.

Can you tell which boxes were decorated by me and which were decorated by talented, artsy cousin?

Exhibit A?

No, that's not Hannibal Lecter. It's supposed to be a surgeon. 

Or Exhibit B?

Yes, yes I know. I should have had her label all the boxes.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Why is there a cannon on the farm equipment box? Maybe Farmer John uses it to scare away the crows? :-) Happy Hump Day to all the Mamas out there. -Hubs

  2. that cousin is one talented lady..and yes you should have let her label them all..your surgeon scares me!!! i loved the planner shopping and wish i was back being "dragged around" by my beautiful daughter love,MOM

  3. That is not a cannon! It's a wagon! Fail.

  4. Having the perfect planner is completely crucial. There has to be enough room to write everything you need to do for each class, but it has to have enough free space (not the ones that divide the day into each hour) so that you can make everything even and symmetrical. I'm with you on this.