Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hey Gang.

Here's some more bits of randomness that made me laugh over the past few days.

I have such a horribly black thumb, that I am frequently surprised I remember to feed and water the children.

I kill plants.

I am like the terminator of plants.

Despite my best efforts to befriend my vegetation - I kill everything.

In a hilariously ironic twist of fate, mother nature has provided us with a rapidly expanding wild blackberry population, right here in our yard. 

They are growing and spreading like crazy, and it's totally awesome. 

I get 1, he gets the rest. 

Another way in which I am a failure is my complete lack of artistic ability.

You may recall the Hannibal Lecter drawing on the kids toy-storage bin.

Anyway, sometimes my own ineptitude amuses me.

Seriously, what is up with that back wheel?
Poor, gimpy, fire truck will never make it to the fire. 

And finally, sometimes I think the children might actually be out to get me.

I had to use the flash to take the following photo because it's dark in the garage.

Dark enough that I almost didn't notice the death trap they had laid for me.

So innocent, yet so potentially fatal for mama. 

And I'm spent.

What's new with you?


  1. I recognized the fire truck, so it couldn't have been that bad! Looks like it needs a lift kit, or maybe some hydraulics, then it could wheelie down the street to the fires. Totally rad.

    When I draw terrible pictures, my husband (who's artistically inclined) tells me that as long as people know what it is you're drawing, then you've done your job as an artist. It's all about how YOU see things.... maybe he was just trying to be nice, but I think about that when I draw stick figures. :)

  2. sorry get your total lack of artistic ability from your mom..i often find it amazing with my parents (a mom that was a crafting genius and a dad that was a real artist) how could i have missed the artistic gene..and as for child death traps, i have been a victim of a few set by you and your sista. it is a kid's job to test the parental radar he,mom

  3. laughing- sorry, guess that's not so nice lol- my boys lay traps for me all the time~