Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments, as usual, with Soule Mama today.

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This was a week for treats.

Rice Krispie treats:

Best eaten when gripped tightly in a baby fist.

But also  thoroughly enjoyable when consumed delicately with a fork, to avoid unsightly, sticky hands.

"Fanks, Mama."

But the biggest treat of all, was a visit from a most beloved friend and her two adorable little girls.

Oh be still my heart, whatever did I do to deserve such a blessing as these 3 girls?

My friend is such a soul-sister that I didn't even clean up before they arrived. She loves me, even if the house is filthy.

Absolutely beautiful, no?

I will freely admit that I stole that baby and gave her so many kisses. I smelled her head. I perched her on my hip and soaked up that sensation of baby weight. I love her already, and I am just starting to get to know her.

Check out the stream of drool on my hand below her chin.
I love her anyway. 

Now her sister on the other hand, she has stolen not only my heart, but also the hearts of my two boys.

Oh she is sweetness embodied.

Just like her mama.

This little angel brought even my shy Big Boy out of his shell - she is irresistible.

"What's your name?" I caught him asking her.
She answered and they shared bubbles.
I nearly cried. 

Sorry, lots of words with my moments this week.

Soule Mama, I fail you once again.

Have a great weekend gang.

I'm going to see the SOX at Fenway tonight - Boo-Yah!



  1. Nothing like friends who could care less what your house looks like! Baby girls, nothing like them!

  2. is that the college buddy with her two beautiful is still so pretty and her girls are a cute combo of both mom and dad..let us hope that you are at the game when WAKE gets the two hundred..please God i hope you bring him it you and the hub or are there more goin...lovemom

  3. Rice Krispie treats with a fork! Haha, so cute!

    Friends are so precious - glad you have such a dear one!

  4. How nice to have a friend like that :)