Thursday, August 25, 2011

I wouldn't do that if I were you

Although I am a nurse, I am not generally a fan of the emergency room.

I'm a labor room nurse, so a laboring woman does not scare me - but outside of that general arena, my nursing skill often fails me, and I'm just a mom.

That being said, I am the mom of two boys. 

Boys who love to run, jump, climb and explore the world by doing and trying. 

I try to let them.

I bite my tongue.

I know that bumps and bruises and even stitches and broken bones are not fatal.

Yesterday, I took this series of photos - and in my humble opinion, this sequence captures my experience as the mother of a boy.

I apologize in advance for the less-than-perfect photo quality.


Big Boy's brain: Oh look, the trunk of the car is open. I wonder if I can climb up there?

Yup! I sure can!
Now that I'm up here what shall I do?

Jump down of course! 



Dude! That was awesome! I wonder what else I can jump off of?


Mama's brain: 
Oh dear, what are you doing?
Don't climb up there.
Ack! Don't jump!
Now where are you going?


  1. LOL, I caught both my boys climbing on the couch and shimmying right over the back. Once they figured that out, the big one has begun jumping off it.

    The big one also figured out the rock climbing wall at the playground, which scares the pants off me. But you're right- they're boys and doing is what they do!

  2. love little boys they are the most adventurous..we should all take a lesson from the big brave ..try ..remember "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." keep them safe but let them stretch their wings..YIKES i sound like a book of quotes this morning..have a good one love you guys MOM