Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From his perspective

Recently Hubs got a fancy new iPhone.

Among its' many talents, the iPhone has a camera.

And although I must admit at first I was a little nervous I would have to pry the thing out of his grasp occasionally, instead I have received an unexpected gift.

Daddy moments.

There's just something about cell phone photos - they capture moments that are too fleeting or unexpected to be caught with even our wee digital camera.

I love this.

Now, without further ado...


Chillin' like a villain. 

Some clothes are overrated

But slip-on shoes are not. 

The Big Boy is getting daring

Especially when there's a Daddy to impress

And finally, did you know that rubber boots are freakin' hilarious?

Well they are. Now you know. 

There you have it.

Just regular moments during regular days.


A daddy's eye view.


  1. love it !these pics are awesome..dad is very good with the camera..that wee one is quite a character and the big boy is getting so grown up looking ..just love their haircuts awesome for the summer love,MOM

  2. Love that, it's the best when Daddy takes pictures - also because they're the only ones I show up in sometimes!