Thursday, August 4, 2011

Important information

Today's post will be full of important tidbits.


1) Today is my bloggy-friend Rachel's birthday - Happy Birthday Rachel!

You all will remember Rachel as the provider of the extremely awesome embarrassing-book-camouflage. 

2) The bad news: Rotten potatoes smell like a dead body

The good news: There is not a dead body in my pantry.

3) The baby birds in my fort are starting to grow feathers!

Here's the scoop with the birds: Yes, I have been taking photos of them but I am too scared to post them here on BMM because the babies are totally creepy, yucky, and gross.

As soon as the birdies are cute - I will post photos.

4) Yesterday I was having kind of a crummy day.

I have a cold. The kids are grouchy. So, I tried to turn the day around by taking the boys to the library.

Unfortunately there was a magic show occurring at the library.

4a) The Big Boy is afraid of people in tuxedos.
4b) The Wee One thinks "Shh everyone, the shows going to start." is a cue to discuss loudly the fact that his brother has swiped the toy car he was using.

I grabbed a handful of books - completely at random. And made a rapid exit.

Library fail. But look at these great pictures.

It sure looks like we had a great day, no?


  1. LOL, you are brave to take them to a library! I wonder how some people's kids sit so quietly and look so interested. Mine usually run around, screaming that they want to play on the computer and that these people are strangers so we shouldn't be here, etc. It's a good thing we move a lot. :)

  2. love to see the boys doing something that grumple and i love. it is great that they love books as nana used to say.."that will serve them well all their lives." learn by example as they see mom reading and think "boy that must be fun" ..nice call yesterday hope all your good luck continues love,nana

  3. Aww. Maeve is also terrified by magic shows -we saw a juggler and she put up with it for about 20 minutes and then started screaming and crying inconsolably. So you aren't the only one.