Monday, August 8, 2011


It dawned on me this weekend that there are only three more weekends in August.


It is my humble opinion that the summer should not be moving quite so quickly.

I want more veggies-on-the-grill.

Oh, thank you, CSA. 

Forgive me for belaboring the point, but I really like veggies-on-the-grill

In the time I took me to fetch my camera, an entire pile of grilled corn became two lonely ears. 

I want iced coffee and sunscreen.

I want months of fresh berries and lazy, hot afternoons reading books in the grass.

I want an eternity of Sunday afternoon trips to the homemade ice cream stand.

I want my children to eat their meals shirtless until they figure out how to eat neatly.

Shirtless children are so much easier to clean up!


Let's brainstorm - what's on your must-do list before the end of the summer?

If I have to let it go, I'm gonna make sure we go out with a bang.


  1. i am with you about summer..the best season ever..let's hope that the boys of summer keep the baseball in front of us for well into the fall that would help keep the sting of impending winter from feeling too harsh..another weekend at bourne with next installment of the IRISH sidhe seer is on my mom

  2. Ride more bike.
    Eat more picnics.
    Grill more.
    Putter in the garden more.
    Wear flip-flops everywhere.
    Walk to the park more.
    Chat with neighbors over the hedge more.
    Drink coffee outside in the early morning with my husband more.
    End the day with filthy feet and fingernails being scrubbed in the bathroom, more.
    Enjoy a few more rip-roaring thunder-storms, more.
    Another water-fight or two.
    Ahhhhh. Summer, where have you gone?!