Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy Tuesday Gang.

How's it going?

I have a few amusing things to share with you today.

Random bits that made me laugh.

Yesterday we walked by a bird store and saw this lovely yard ornament.

The Big Boy says (and I quote )
"Wook mama, I fink dat's a scar-wet macaw."
Scarlet Macaw. Seriously?

Many of you will be surprised to know this, but sometimes I get mad. 

These children, they are not dummies.

Irritated female + flowers = spontaneous mood change.

"Hee-yah you go, mama. For you."

Here's an interesting bit of marketing. 


And finally, here is a photo of the Wee One making off with his brother's bowling pins.

Finally, photographic evidence that the Wee One really is, well, kind of a jerk.

The Big Boy got the pins all set up, then went off to find a ball. 


I hope you are amused.

If not, go here. Hyperbole and a half.


  1. your two boys are so smart ..and i am sure the wee one will funnel his sneaky ways into something productive. after all isn't it the youngest job to make "big brother" crazy at times he he..i did it to my "oldest" siblings too..as you did with your sista..love,MOM

  2. Haha! That last photo and description is just awesome...sometimes you have to call 'em like you see 'em! :D