Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Pledge



Sometimes I feel like my life is traveling at warp speed.

My goal for this month is to slow down and enjoy. To take notice. Much like my fall pledge I'm making a December pledge:

I, Melissa, do solemnly swear to enjoy the month of December. I will not be overwhelmed, overburdened or over-scheduled.

I will show my children that Christmas is about family and about giving.

I will give thoughtful gifts, and not rely on gift cards.

I will bravely say "No, thank you." to parties and activities which are not in my best interest.

I will remember to leave a little something for our mail carrier.

I will watch Christmas movies with the boys.

I will remember that Christmas isn't about what you spend, but about how you feel.

I will not be grinchy, but I will be thrifty.

I will pull my family in close and give thanks.

Spoiler alert! Christmas card photo!
Thank you Kelly and Derek!
Why do I always tilt my head at that strange angle in photos?

What's your December pledge?


  1. wow what a great all look awesome. tough to catch everyone in good pose..your photographer the big D should be the pledge ..good luck in keeping it..always seems like december gets away from you even at my you guys

  2. lol I tilt my head too...and put my tongue up against my teeth! Drives me crazy when I see a picture of myself!

    Love this pic of you guys!

  3. Great photo of your family! I'm impressed that no one was crying or screaming (I'm usually the one doing that in our photos). :D

  4. Awesome photo, Melissa! Can I steal some of your ideas?