Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Prepare yourselves, dear friends - I have some news to share.

Boys are different than girls.

Seriously different.

Two and three year old boys are about as different from two and three year old girls as you can get.

When we walk into the daycare at the gym, the girls can be found huddled together - talking, coloring, playing imaginative games with the toys.

The boys on the other hand?

The only interactions they seem to be interested in making are:
chasing each other
stealing toys from each other
irritating each other.

My boys have more physical energy than I ever imagined possible.

"I am happy to run" says the Big Boy, and it's true. The kid loves to run.

This weekend we took them, once again, to the woods.

Intrepid explorers.
In the woods, they run, laugh, and most importantly  they do not fight, whine or otherwise irritate me or each other.

I can't explain it, but it's true.

The Big Boy runs away from us at full speed until he exhausts himself, bending over and resting his hands on his knees like a professional sprinter - then after a few moments, he straightens up and runs back to us,
"I was running so fast!" he says.
"I know, Bud! I saw you." I say.
Then poof, he's off again.

He must have run at least double the distance we walked with these back-and-forth dashes.

Something happens to them in the woods, I can't explain it. Give them a wooded trail and they are happy.

Me, on the other hand? I'd rather be at home drinking tea and making a craft - but these boys? Oh, no. I will be needing to invest in warm clothes and good sneakers because these boys, they are happy to run.


  1. this is your mother's fault..i know all these facts as i had 3 brothers ..not having brothers as left you at a disadvantage. so the learning curve will be more difficult for you hehe..they are the best and someday you will miss these walks in the woods ..i know i do every you guys

  2. LOL, my boys are happy to bounce. Aunt T will be getting them a small trampoline this year. They have bouncing balls (the kind with the handle), "springy shoes", toys they jump over, toys they jump on... definitely different than my childhood, where I was perfectly content reading a book!

    I hear that boys are easier when they are teenagers, though... I'm holding on to that silver lining as tight as I can.

  3. Reminds me of this quote I love...

    "A treasure to a young boy does not consist of money, gems or jewelry. He will find far greater pleasure in the wonder of a rock, pebble, stick, or beetle."

    Boys are much different than girls. I will say I am privy to boys!!

  4. I love love love boys! Mine are just as yours, happy to run, and jump, fight, wrestle, build to destruct. They have immense energy! Sometimes, I have to explain to them that I'm a girl and we are far less interested in a race than boys are. Well, at least this girl is. Yes, boys are amazing :) and FAR different than girls... I have many nieces so I can see that.

    Enjoy your Christmas season, as I don't post here often but love to read your blog. Mine are slightly older than yours and your reads make me remember and smile.

    Jessica, in CA