Thursday, December 15, 2011

Right now

I think I need a dose of gratitude.

There are lots of amazing moments in my daily round - if only I can find a way to stop and acknowledge them.

Right now I am ...

... coughing up a lung  (gratitude, Melissa, this is supposed to be about gratitude)

... grateful for effective cough syrup.

... enjoying hiding veggies in the kids' food.

Winter squash makes almond butter a bit more spreadable.
And no one would ever notice beats in the jelly. 

... amused by the stack of big boy underpants and M&Ms that now adorn my kitchen counter - we're potty training.

... awed by the amount of pancakes and waffles my two boys can consume in a week.

At least they're whole wheat and fortified with flax and pumpkin. 

... eager for the mail every day - 'tis the season for Christmas cards!

... occasionally feeling like an elf as Christmas magic begins in my kitchen.

What's in the jars? You'll have to wait and see. 

... shocked at how quickly the month is flying by.

... grateful that my boys are still at the age where I can buy their Christmas presents right in front of them - as long as I stash them quickly in the back of the cart and distract them with a well packed snack bag.

... wishing there were 2 of me - one to watch the kids and 1 to accomplish everything else.

At this moment - what are you grateful for?


  1. this is an easy one for me..i am grateful for having a life blessed by two great family experiences. one with my parents and one with my kids and grandkids..i am very lucky as dad keeps telling me i grew up in a "beaver cleaver" environment when i was a kid. and now i have two great daughter and lovely grand daughters and sons..who "should "ask for any thing more love you guys ..

  2. I am especially grateful that Sammy let me sleep in this morning--those extra 15 minutes of sleep were fantastic!