Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Moment

A moment in time.

One shiny, brief, funny moment.

Photos brought to you by our beloved Miss Kristen.

"Can I cwimb up dare?"
"Sure, Bud."

For those of you who think our little Wee One is a sweet angel,
look at that face. I rest my case.

"Udder way, Mama. Way down."

The only thing that stopped me from peeing while he stomped around on my abdomen was my years of Pilates training.

It is only because I love you guys dearly that I am brave enough to post this next picture.

Seriously, how many chins does one woman need?
Unflattering photo much, Melissa?

Ah well.

A funny moment sandwiched in among working, coughing, and Christmas prep.

So grateful to have caught it on film. Extra chins and all. 


  1. thanks to miss k for catching these moments give me a good laugh and boy could i use one this morning. i sent them to grandfather and told him to look at that face he is a devil and takes after him he you guys ..

  2. Hey. It's Christmas, be nice to yourself already. The picture just radiates joy, nothing else matters.