Thursday, December 29, 2011

Right now I am

Right now I am ...

... stumped for something to write today.

... stumped for something interesting for my family to do today.

... stumped as to where to start the cleaning, reorganizing, and purging that needs to occur in this house.

... shocked how quickly and easily our Big Boy has potty trained. 

... shocked that it was four years ago I was hugely pregnant and about to see his sweet face for the first time. 

... shocked that I can hardly remember life before him. Before them. 

... needing an injection of motivation and enthusiasm.

... needing to remember that motivation and enthusiasm comes from within, at it's own time. All I can do is patiently await and prepare for its' arrival.

... needing to be gentle with myself and enjoy this moment. The energy and enthusiasm will come, if I am well rested and receptive.

1 comment:

  1. you are one lucky girl. spend a moment before the new year and contemplate just how lucky you have such good things in your life and you are right everyone needs a moment to appreciate them heck with motivation just "BE"for a while need it!!love you guys