Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Aftermath

The house is filthy.

The tree is shedding needles faster than we can sweep. (Alright, fine. We're not sweeping them anyway. Why bother when they're just going to keep falling?)

The children have reached toy overload.

Overstimulated, over-sugared and under-rested.

The fighting is nearly continuous and punctuated only by periods of eating and sleeping. 

And by eating I mean begging for cookies and M&M's and rejecting anything with a modicum of nutritional value. 

Not that I blame them, I'm having trouble getting back to a healthy diet. Why eat vegetables when those cookies were lovingly made and will go sadly stale if not consumed?

I miss my nieces.

Wouldn't you? She's as sweet as she looks. 

And now the Big Boy wants a hamster. Thanks, Liz. 

Over my cold, dead body, Big Boy. 

I've had a few wildly  zealous periods of enthusiastic cleaning, organizing and purging - "It's a New Year! Auld Lang Syne!"

But mostly I'm digging my heels in, trying, and failing, to avoid eating the leftover Christmas confectioneries, and wishing for several more hours laughing and celebrating with the people I love. 


  1. Somehow, someone left the hamster cage open and we found Buddy in our bedroom Sunday night!! Yes that would be 24 hours after Big Boy left which means, yes, you guessed it, potential hamster poop anywhere in my home as he ran amok, unsupervised. Thanks Goodness the housekeepers come Friday!

  2. We are Christmas detoxing, too, with Maeve petitioning for candy canes and marshmallows almost hourly. Ugh. Since we're starting to go house hunting, though, we're ready for the great purging!

  3. i told you that xmas stinks ..poor girl those men must be driving you crazy..stop and just enjoy and don't worry about the house or the will miss all the fun love you guys