Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Musings on Santa Claus

The Big Boy is afraid of Santa Claus.

This is not surprising as he has been afraid of a variety of non-threatening things (a glow worm doll, swiper the fox, rain).

When you ask him (as people frequently do this time of year) "What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"
He replies quite clearly, "Nuffing".

Hot Chocolate Face. 

I've listened to several people (including myself) trying to sell Santa to this child.

"He's really great, Bud! He comes into your house...

while you are sleeping...

though not in a creepy way...

and gives you presents!"

"No fanks" says Big Boy, quite distinctly.

I made a tiny bit of headway the other day regarding the stockings.

"Dose are stockings" he says, pointing at the mantle.

"That's right, Bud. And on Christmas Eve Santa's going to come and fill them with treats!"

Thoughtful pause.

(In the Big Boy's lexicon "treats" is a highly significant word. It can be utilized in reference to a variety of impossibly wonderful items - munchkins, ice cream, M&M's).

"I don't have to see him." he says, in a questioning way.

"No, no, Bud. No one sees him. You just wake up in the morning and there are presents and treats!" (I feel sort of like a used car salesman).

"Okay." he says.



  1. We have a friend whose 2 year old last year was convinced Santa was "spooky" - but that was kind of her main adjective for everything!

  2. he comes into your house "but not in a creepy way " ha ha melissa way to put an interesting spin on really make me laugh..i am sure the big boy will come around how can santa not love that chocolate face..hugs and kisses talk to you soon

  3. NICE! Hopefully when he sees all the presents Christmas morning, he won't be too scared any more.

    Got any suggestions on convincing a three year old that I am not Santa?