Monday, November 7, 2011




The Wee One is up.

Children do not understand daylight savings time.

Not the best way to start the week.

Here is a picture of the hawk that landed on our playhouse roof this week.

Cool, no?

He was freakin' huge.

Anyway, this is what happens to BadMamaMoments when the children get up too early. My writerly impulse is bludgeoned to death by the splat of cheerios on the (freshly washed) floor.

And now I hear the pitter patter of Big Boy feet.

Happy Monday.

Sorry for the lame post.

If you are unaware Hyperbole and a Half has a new post.

So go read that and when you're laughing and feeling all happy you can remember it was Bad Mama who sent you there, and perhaps forget about this failure of a blog post.


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  1. hate to tell you that day light savings doesnot get any easier with age..i am with the boys hate the change in time and find it difficult to adjust the pic and you certainly are right it was huge..even the pats were depressing oh well another week maybe things will get you guys