Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments with Soule Mama, as usual.

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Last week, I was oh-so-good following Soule Mama's rules. This week - not so much.

The boys have been fighting like cats and dogs this week. My patience has been pushed to its' breaking point. I have taken away toys, dealt time-outs, reprimanded, scolded, tried reasoning, and even tried separation via baby gates.

They're still fighting.

But, I digress.

Yesterday, for one brief, shining, glorious moment - as I cleaned snack shrapnel out of my car - I heard the rare sound of two children laughing, together. 

Though this moment was brief, it was thoroughly appreciated.

Happy Weekend, Gang.



  1. happy weekend right back at you..hope next week is you guys pic is great and those moments are the best..

  2. It's great when children can play so nice together :) They look like they are having fun.

  3. Take those few minutes while you can. Must have been something in the air this week, we were a little less than kind to each other over here as well.
    Here is our moment this week.