Thursday, November 10, 2011

Go with the flow

Living with children can be frustrating, exhausting and often amusing. 

Yesterday, when I stumbled downstairs at oh-dark-thirty in the morning, to try to squeeze in a few, just a few quiet moments of mama time before the children woke up I was greeted by:

"Good morning, Mama."
"Good morning, Bear."

As I continued bumbling around the kitchen, searching for coffee, I was greeted by an item on my to-do list. 

Sigh. Anyone know how to get play-doh out of denim?

Shortly thereafter the children were up, and the Wee One requested hummus for breakfast. 
"How about pancakes?"

Apparently it can never be too early for hummus.
Please forgive his breath. 

One more day 'til Friday!

Why, hello there, weekend. Come here often?

1 comment:

  1. your boys are so clever leaving you a bear in his seat ..just to play with your brain..nothing wrong with hummus either it is my favorite breakfast too..scott had a baby boy last night named him brayden scott..all are doing well..hope you have a good day hugs to everyone love,nana