Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Tuesday is not really a day for pondering the meaning of life, but if not now? When?

This weekend I did not act my age (damn you pumpkin martini) and I paid for it the next day.

As I cursed myself and declared "Dang it Melissa you are thirty two years old and should know better" a thought was born.

Thirty two years old. 

There are lots of things I should know.

When my sister was thirty two and I was twenty six, I remember thinking she might be the wisest person I'd ever met.

I could ask her anything (still can) and she could answer.

I, on the other hand, don't watch the news and am still reading vampire-romance literature. Frequently.

But now, dear friends,  I have two children.

I am supposed to be wise. I'm supposed to be a confident advocate for them. I'm supposed to be making sure that they have what they need and don't turn into serial killers.

How can I possibly be responsible for these two when I was just recently outsmarted by a pumpkin martini?

All kidding aside, when I stop and think about the magnitude of what I am doing here - I am humbled.


Responsible for them?

But one time I hit myself in the face with a wrench. 

Poor kids.


  1. Firstly, a PUMPKIN MARTINI?!! wow!! Never heard of it here in Oz!
    Secondly, I am often struck by that thought...both as a nurse (as in 'haha, i'm playing doctors and nurses cos i'm only am immature kid, but these parents seem to think i'm really a grown-up and can actually take care of their kids!') and even more so as a mum. I still feel 19 and can't believe that they (the universe?!) is leaving me in charge of these amazing kids. It's amazing isn't it. And I wonder if the feeling ever ceases. When we're grandmothers, are we going to think "wow, that couple left ME in charge of looking after their precious cherubs? ME?!" Definitely humbling.

  2. at the ripe old age of 62 i am still learning all the things i do not know and so is your sister . she is on a constant quest with all her family and work situation..i think you are doing fine as nurse, wife, mother and advocate for both children and clients..and may i remind you last year i was a victim of your sister's martinis, they are delicious but lethal..watch out for them he he..give your self a break you are a surviver in a very difficult time in your life..instead of thinking about the failures look to the successes and a little pat of the back from a mom that is very proud of you love you guys

  3. I, too have been outsmarted by pumpkin martini's :)

  4. I would have to say my new creation - The Cinnamon~Pear Martini has outsmarted me on more than one occasion...