Monday, November 14, 2011


Happy Monday, dear friends.

Over the weekend I was given two amazing gifts.

1) A coupon for 50% off 5 full price items at Banana Republic (Thank you beloved Kelly).

2) A few child-free hours in which to utilize the coupon (Thank you beloved Hubs).

The trip went like this:

Two empty carseats! 

I can't remember the last time I was alone in the car. There may have been singing. 

Upon arrival at the mall, I was free to park anywhere because I didn't have two children to lug through the dangerous mine field of the parking lot. 

I can't remember the last time I was at the mall. It was most likely at least 1-2 years ago.

Why on Earth did they opt for carpet? 
Carpet? In the mall? Am I the only one who finds this odd?

Anyway, as I strolled blissfully along, guess who I spotted?

Santa on an escalator!

Why is it that Santa always needs a handler?

And then...

A glorious period of time...

Where I shopped, selected, and tried on clothing that I couldn't afford (until the coupon, that is).

I do not know the last time I was able to enter a fitting room.

Of course I didn't shop just for myself. Christmas is just around the corner, you know.

Please excuse the odd seam running down the center of this photo -
I sort of look like the phantom of the opera, but you get the gist.


Best. Day. Ever. 


  1. congrats sounds like a lovely day thanks to two special people..i too spent time in the mall unhapply it was with the MARINE and all he did was hurry me along..i did manage to get a new pair of black shoes..with alot of comments like "are you going to try them all on before you decide" got to love shopping with some one like that you guys

  2. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to yourself! I hope you found some awesome things at Banana! :D