Monday, November 21, 2011


I have a little cold.

Of course.

Nothing major, just a sore throat, stuffy nose and achy body.

So, yesterday as I went through my Defense Against the Common Cold Checklist - I wondered
1) If I am the only person who launches a full frontal assault against a cold virus.
2) If I am missing anything from my arsenal.

Yesterday when I awoke with my scratchy throat I started the day with echinacea and Zinc lozenges.

First line of defense: the kitchen. 
Dinner went into the crock pot, soup went onto the stove and tea followed me wherever I went. (Just ignore the pink mixer - we'll talk about that in tomorrow's post)

I dress extremely warmly.

I drink tea and water until I feel sloshy. 

Then, right before bed, I attempt to induce a fake fever.

It is my understanding that cold germs like to operate within a fairly narrow window of environmental conditions,including temperature. This is why your body fires off a fever when you get sick.

So, in order to help things along - I take a super hot eucalyptus scented bath - sweating it out in the sauna-like conditions for as long as I can stand it. Then I layer myself in fleece and flannel and tuck my warmed up self into bed.

After gargling with hot salt water of course.

For a cough I put Vicks vaporub on the soles of my feet. This totally works. I use it on the kids too!.

For nasal congestion I swear by a Nettie pot and Breathe right nasal strips. Though, I don't own an actual pot, I just use a squeeze bottle of sterile saline from the pharmacy.

Clearly, I have made fighting the common cold into a rigorous battle.

Am I the only one?

Please share your cold fighting, or comfort inducing tips as we venture forth into cold and flu season...


  1. sounds like you are fighting the bubonic plague. hope all the remedies work..i have never found anything that stops 10 days of misery..i will try the vapor rub on the feet sounds very soothing feel better love,MOM

  2. Vapor rub on the feet, eh? I'll have to try that. Okay, I have to ask - what's a Nettie pot?

    You are not alone in your cold misery, Melissa - I have a cold as well! I hope we both feel better by Turkey Day!

  3. I probably love my Neti Pot a little too much -- picked it up at CVS and it's probably the best $10 I've spent there. I also used to always take a grapefruit Airborne in warm water before bed at the first sign of feeling the cold yuckies come on. I think it might have been the placebo effect, but I swear it worked to fight off the all-too-often school induced cold.
    I support your salt water gargle and also your tea habit too...I take mine with a nice dollop of honey! Feel better soon! :)