Thursday, November 17, 2011


Umm, in case you were as clueless as me, Thanksgiving is 1 week away. 

I know!


Go look at the calendar. 

The Holidays are coming. 

This is awesome and scary at the same time. 

Over the past few days, I've been busy with a first wave of gift buying and home-made gift planning. 

This is the first year where the Big Boy will be old enough to "get it" and participate. 

Though in true form, the Wee One is totally on board saying, "Santa will bring me a red bike!" and The Big Boy is refusing to discuss Santa's arrival at all. 

And I, (true to my own over-analytical, neurotic form) am already worried about the commercialization of the holidays. 

How do I raise my boys to understand the season is about giving? About love, compassion and generosity? 

I know my boys learn best when they participate, when they see us in action. So this means I have to change the way I move through the holiday season. 

This will require some serious effort on my part. But this is an effort I am happy to make. I've never really thought about it before - sure, I donate gifts or food through work or through the library - but this year (and for all the years I have influence over my boys), I think there needs to be more. 

I know, I know (I can hear my Hubs rolling his eyes all the way from 3 towns away) With all your spare time, Melissa? 

We are a busy little family right now, and the kiddos are still oh-so-little, but there has to be a way to make an impression. There has to be something we can do. 

I'm not at all sure what that is - but I'd love to hear any suggestions and I'll keep you posted. 


  1. kids learn by example and seeing you contribute will help them to get the true meaning of xmas.that being said i just had a conversation about this subject at work. you young mothers need to learn one word "no". working mothers of young children are trying to have it all and it is not possible. prioritize and take care of the immediate and leave the long range "teaching moments" till you busy schedule will allow i say to the young working mothers in my office "give yourself a break as the kids will be better off with a happy less stress out mother" YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB with those boys just enjoy the, MOM

  2. LB's preschool recently collected baked goods to donate to needy families for Thanksgiving. He helped me bake molasses, pumpkin spice, and aloha black and white cookies. Not sure if he GOT the idea, but he really liked handing them over to his teacher.

    I've also been crazy couponing and have about eight bottles of men's body wash. I'm thinking about donating them to troops overseas (through, if you were wondering). Hopefully he'll catch on to the fact that 'tis the season of giving!

  3. I got a box and went with the big girl into the playroom and had her pick out some toys to give away. I told her that there were some kids out there that didn't have as many toys as she did and that we should share. Not sure if she got it 100% but she does refer to the box and mentions how it's going to her "friends with no toys". Even if she doesn't fully get it at least I'm making way for the new toys she'll inevitably get flooded with this year :-) I'm planning on doing this every year so eventually it will click.

  4. oh and your mom is right by the way :-)