Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thank you ... 

... for coming here and reading.

... for commenting.

... for writing cool blogs.

... for being awesome.

... for saving me from whole cloves.

... for loving my boys like crazy (this one's for you Uncle Steve, Aunt Judy, Kelly and Dewek). Don't be offended Grandparents - you are required to obsessively love the boys - but - you gotta admit these guys go above and beyond.

... for coming week after week to my Pilates class.

... for teaching me about strength and grace under adversity, Liz.

... for the best weekend of my life, A-rae.

... for all the help. 

... for giving me a chance.

... for effin' brownies.

... for waxing my eyebrows without calling me "sasquatch"

... for being the love of my life (Yep, that one's for you, Hubs).

... for asking me to make you a pie (Diane).

... for still loving me despite the fact that I was extremely similar to the Wee One (Mom).

... for keeping me from being prematurely lame (A-rae, Kelly). Left to my own devices, I would be a sad case.

... for my children. Most of the time.

... to my brain surgeon - not only did he save my life, but he provided me with the sweetest comb-over ever. Can you believe it's been 10 years?

... for turkey and gravy.

... for antipasto squares and that product, you know what I'm talking about (Becky).

... for being my cleanse buddy, Miss Kelly- one more day!

... for red wine (for the antioxidants of course).

... for a great boss (not sucking up, Beth).

... for roots and wings, Mom and Dad.


What are you thankful for?


  1. loved your list..i am thankful for my two beautiful daughters, my nutty husband and two of the most beautiful grandsons in the world..i also love those "crazy" granddaughters too..i am also thankful for having the best set of parents that any one could have asked for and as i get older i understand just how lucky i was to have nana and bumpa. have a good thursday with the family forget about the diet..hugs and kisses to all

  2. I'm thankful for bloggy friends like you! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!