Monday, September 26, 2011


Warning: A problem with the coffee pot has led me to the computer prior to an adequate intake of caffeine.


"He should be getting himself dressed." said the preschool.
"Okay!" said I, and I began to teach him the ins and outs of shirts and pants.
Saturday morning I turn from my post at the griddle and see this:

"Whatcha doing, Bud?"
"Eatin' dis pancake."


Speaking of pancakes. This weekend they were pumpkin!
Despite the canned-pumpkin-shortage, I managed to snag a few cans at Wal-mart.

I hold fast to my assertion that it is Fall despite the
80 degree temperature and 100% humidity. 


One last thing from my caffeine-deprived-mind.
This made me laugh.
A car in a funny place, once again.

Why Hello Lightening McQueen. 

And that's about it. 
How was your weekend?

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