Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Wee One

Now that the Big Boy is in school, I have a few hours per week alone with the Wee One.

I thought he might be psyched about some 1:1 mama time, but alas, he has made it perfectly clear that he would rather go to preschool than hang with me.

This boy is so different from his brother.

It has been suggested by several wise people that the Wee One is just like me.

My mother finds this hilarious.

Intrepid explorer.

Sometimes I feel as if I don't know this boy. 

I don't know what he wants. I don't know why he's yelling. I don't know how to handle him. 

Yelling? What yelling?
Oh trust me, there's yelling. 
During this sliver of time we have with just the two of us, I'm trying to really focus on this boy. 

Despite how crazy he makes me, and trust me - he does drive me absolutely nuts, I'm trying to get to know him. 

But I'm afraid I'll never know  understand him, the way I understand his brother. 

Is this yet another example of my badness as a mother?

"I pushin' wocks and soil wif my bulldowzer." 

It's funny because everybody loves this kid. He's charming, gregarious, friendly and with his baby-voice-meets-college-vocabulary he's stops strangers in their tracks.

But we butt heads, this boy and I. (Sorry Derek, don't hate me).

He may be cute, but he's giving his mama a run for her money.

I suppose it's an opportunity. By getting to know this Wee boy, I think I'll learn a few things about myself. And perhaps I can help him avoid some of this pitfalls that our shared personality traits predispose us to fall into.

But first I have to get him to stop eating things he finds in the yard.

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  1. It's the children who are most like ourselves that drive us the craziest - Cam is my "twin" in so many ways and we drive each other crazy! But as he grows older, I'm finding him rather charming and fun to be with (most times).