Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Moments

Ahh... Friday.

Friday moments with SouleMama as usual.

If you have a moment or two to share, please leave a comment with a link!

This week we had some rainy-day moments.

The joys of mud were explored.

"Git it off, Mama."

Boys and mud. I better get used to it, yes?

Number of clothing changes required yesterday: 3.

What else is there to do on rainy fall afternoons?

Why make muffins of course.

Umm, Bud? You eat the other part. 

I do hope someday I can put eggs back in my muffins, it certainly does improve the texture.

But watching my oldest scarf them down is worth the somewhat springy texture, I suppose.

You storing that muffin for winter, squirrel-cheek?

Now, upholding my squeeze-the-most-out-of-fall pledge, I am contemplating apple picking or a nice walk in the woods this weekend.

Definitely some pumpkin-based baked goods will hit the oven.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. just love the muddy boy..that is what boys are suppose to do as you say better get used the that mommy...will be thinking about you guys this week..hope it all goes off well..we will try to stay in touch ..will call you later on love,NANA

  2. Does Big Boy have an egg allergy? I use soy flour, about a tb, mixed with equal parts water, in my baking for her and the springiness is pretty good. Not egg good, but not bad.

  3. Mud, Muffins, Apple picking, walk in the woods! can I come live with you :)

    Here's mine Almost There - This Moment

  4. i love it all! we (my fiance) installed a new fire pit last night, and my little helped him by digging himself a new "flower bed" aka mud pit on the OPPOSITE end of the yard! he was covered. such sweet moments you shared, and i'm craving apple pie now! here's my moment (involving the fire pit actually!)

  5. Well, I'll definitely be making something apple-oriented this weekend. I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend after a few hectic ones, watching the Red Sox and Yanks, the Pats, and just generally chilling. Hoping to try out some seasonal beer! Have a good weekend, Melissa!

  6. Canning canning and more canning. Also football. and inventing a tofu-free vegan pumpkin pie ...hopefully.

    I think that more mud at the end of the day is just an indication of a good day.

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I am sooooo there! My little man was digging in the mud today as well...over our septic tank! Egads. Fortunately he wasn't anywhere near anything that would be gruesome, however, the mere thought of him digging too deep got me gagging. Boys.

  8. My oldest is also allergic to eggs and we've been using flax as an egg's not as good as eggs but it isn't horrible, texture wise.

    I do miss baking with eggs though...the other day I made some muffins with eggs because I knew she wouldn't touch them (cream cheese muffins) and they were so much bigger and fluffier. :)