Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Happy Tuesday, bloggy friends.

How are you?

Hope you had a great labor day - we sure did.

We hosted a great-big-birthday-bbq for our beloved Wee One.

You know there was cake.


And presents.

"Open dis?"

We were surrounded by beloved friends and family. 

Almost every person I love in the world was here, and I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. 

Monkey on a forklift. 

Looks so sweet, doesn't she? Care to chime in here, Liz?

Check out the sweet faux-hawk.
This kid rocks my world. 

It was a great day. Truly great. 

So great that I almost didn't think about how big my Wee One is getting. 

So big. 

And now, in my humble opinion - it's officially fall, my favorite season. 

Apple pie, anyone?


  1. I'll have a slice! I can't wait to go apple picking!

  2. great party and i think we should make the wee one official the labor day holiday spokeperson..he sure did seem to enjoy himself..you guys gave him a good send off into the next year love nana

  3. Happy birthday to the not-so-Wee one! And if you could just send me a slice of that apple pie, that would be excellent! :D