Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments with Soule Mama again today.

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Today I'm going with one single photo.

Today's the big day.

Today my boy goes to his first full day (3 hours) of preschool.

Fly my little birdie.


I'll try to resist the temptation to perch in the nearby trees.

Happy Friday Gang.


  1. wow such a big handsome boy and a big step in his young life..loved the pic of him yesterday playing with pegs and mr potato head..he will do fine mom ..time for you to relax and loosen the mom is tough but gets easier each step..wait till he is a truculent teenager fighting you every step of the is all part of the to marriage parenting is the toughest job you will do!!love MOM

  2. Precious! Love this age :)

  3. Good luck Big Boy! (And mama, too)