Monday, September 12, 2011


I went to the coolest wedding over the weekend.

My beloved friend Kristin married her love right in their back yard.

It was beautiful, intimate, and touching.

I felt privileged to be among the guests.

Hubs and the Wee One were sick, so the Big Boy was my date.

Unfortunately, large crowds of strangers make him nervous, so he spent a large amount of time on my lap. (Which is okay with me.)


This was no cookie-cutter ceremony. It was beautifully personal. 

So sweet.

The Big Boy could not believe that the beautiful woman in white was his beloved "Miss Kristin"
Totally blew his mind. 

Kristin is so cool.

And talented.

There was beauty in the details. 

Love the table runners. 

It made for a truly remarkable experience.

And not only was my beloved friend beautiful, she was comfortable. 

She rocks.

Congratulations, guys.

We love you. 


  1. looks like they had a great day..they are a beautiful couple and it was very nice to meet them both when we came up on labor day..hope they have a long and happy are very lucky to have such a dashing date and it is ok that he does not like crowds nana does not either he you guys

  2. aww LOVE the pictures you took! Especially the ceremony one! Thank you so much for coming. The Big Boy did great...there were so many people there I would be nervous too if I didn't know them all! Did he get his promised ice cream?

  3. I, too, wore white flip flops under my gown..super comfy and sparkly!

  4. I love her dress--it's beautiful! It looks like it was a lovely and intimate ceremony for all of those who attended.