Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right now

Inspired, as always, by Amanda over at SouleMama. Although there are lots of inspiring mamas out there. Like this one or that one.

Right now I am ...

basking in any ray of sunshine that shows up in my yard. The wind may still be cold, but the sun is warm on my perpetually upturned face.

The sun shining on golden baby hair.

finished taping off the trim in the basement - we're ready to paint! Some more.

wishing the Wee One had never learned the word, "Uppa." Oh my aching back.


devouring another embarrassing piece of literature in public thanks to my embarrassing-book-camoflage.

craving cadbury mini eggs.

daydreaming about hiding treasure-laden eggs in the yard, baking sweet-glazey-ham, and leaving glittery cotton balls (easter bunny poop) everywhere. Soon.

relishing the oh-so-brief moments of brotherly peace.


impatiently waiting for news from a beloved laboring friend. Welcome to the world lovely girl.

What are you up to this moment? I'd love to hear.


  1. i am with you sista..need the warmth and spring..maybe that would help the sox too..hopefully we can put the winter coats away..those boys get cutier and cutier every day..looks now with the birth you have two great propective wives for the boys he he..congrats to the family ..

  2. Thanks for the link, my friend! The Wee One's hair is getting so long!

    I'm seeing a park play date in our future :)


    In this moment;

    I'm thinking about the wee chicks that are *at this moment* being shipped to my local farm store where I'll be able to pick them up today or tomorrow to bring them to their new home.

    I'm relishing the fact that I can put the dishes off for a little bit longer while I prepare the brooder for said chicks' arrival.

    wondering if tonight's gluten-free meal will be another one that my oldest young'un won't like (doesn't he know that we're doing this gluten-free trial for HIS sake?)

    wishing I could have a peice of real, homemade bread, not this gluten-free stuff we are resigned to eat for the next few months

    loving the fact that this wonderful blog makes me stop and ponder things that I normally am 'too busy' to do. :)

  4. "Mom, stop taking pictures of me when I'm asking to be picked up!" :) Heehee... Funny stuff we moms do, eh?

  5. Aw, Easter's so fun with kiddos! I can't wait, too.

    Right now, I am getting nervous. About the government, about our lack of orders, about tomorrow's big ski trip and driving through the Sierra Mtns with Hubby's four-banger, about my upcoming bday (no longer can I say "I JUST turned 30...".

  6. Right now ... I'm thinking how nice it is to read your blog and that I must emulate you and keep my face up-turned and NOT downcast!
    Gayle x

  7. I kept clicking on one of your links, and my homepage kept popping up. I was about to curse Blogger when I realized that you were talking about ME. D'oh!

    Thank you! :)

  8. Tonya - YES. park playdate asap.
    THK - chicks!! How exciting! And gluten-free bread - you are such a good mama.
    R&T - Ha! Yet another example of my bad-mama status :)
    NHG- Hope you get good news from the pwers that be. Have a great ski trip and birthday :) Unfortunately I'm getting closer to "mid thirties" yikes.

  9. What great things to be enjoying right now!

    And Cadbury mini eggs -- oh so good -- I hide them from the hubby and the kids! Yum!