Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunny days

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday, Hubs was tickled to have greetings from around the globe. You guys rock.


Ahh just another day in paradise around here.

Okay, perhaps not. But the weather has been great!

We've spent long hours soaking up the sun and warm-ish temps, trying to coax the last of the sniffles and coughs out once and for all.

This was the last time anyone rode this bike before mama
inadvertently ran it over with the car.

The big boy is living out his hammering fantasies by banging golf tees into the ground all over the yard.

This might be the smartest thing this mama has ever come up with.

After mama broke his bike, the Wee One spent the remainder of the weekend trying to conquer the fort.

"Climbin'!" he says, though he
 never gets any higher than this.

A climber he is not, but he is awful cute.

"Mama in dare!"

I hope some sunshine has made it to your neck of the woods as well.

How are you soaking up the sun?

Anyone else giddy over hiding eggs and family festivities this weekend?


  1. The golf tee thing is a very good idea- way to go, Momma! We spent a bunch of time outdoors yesterday, but it looks like Maeve is paying for it today (and last night) with major congestion. :(

  2. I'm planning the easter festivities even as we speak. I have plans for an easter egg hunt, and some chocolate crackle easter eggs to make (already made the bunny cupcakes! mmmmmm).

    oops about the bike...


  3. Wait a minute. Easter is THIS WEEKEND??

    Okay, I'm not totally unprepared. I've got the eggs. Got the Paas. Almost got all the clothes although I'm still not sure what the teenager will agree to wear. Bought a ham yesterday, for our own consumption since we'll be having pig elsewhere.

    Hoping for more sunshine! I have yet to run over a bike in the driveway, but my day will come...