Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We'll take it

Apparently all my complaining worked, because we had a wee taste of warmer weather today. It was rainy and windy but way above freezing, and we'll take what we can get.

Today we stomped around in puddles.

Without our winter coats.

Next, we introduced our favorite friends to the joy of puddles. We recently received a hand-me-down set of plastic Handy Manny tools and Felipe and Pat haven't left the Big Boy's hands since their arrival.

Poor Felipe goes into the puddle head-first.

We also introduced our pals to the joy of T-Ball.

"You go in dare, Pat, and den Fi-wee-pay will whack!"
Yikes, he's tough on his friends.

Then we frolicked about, playing in the sand, mud and the wee bit of tenacious ice that hasn't yet given in.

What do you mean this isn't frolicking?
This is a total frolic.

Suddenly, the grey skies darkened and it began to pour. Mama bolted for the garage crying, "Run for cover, guys!"

The little twerps refused to join me!

"Wainin!" says the wee one, refusing to budge.

If you think I'm running out there to drag them in, you got another thing coming. This blog is called Bad Mama Moments for a reason.  Bad Mama hides in the garage till the rain stops.


  1. great pics again..glad to see that the warm weather found you..just think in a short while the cottage will be on the plans..can't wait

  2. Good for you, Bad Mama!! Really though, you're being an excellent mum, letting your boys experience life and the elements! ;-)

  3. Yippie for splashing in the puddles with not big winter gear! Kids play in the rain... I mean, that's what they do, right?

  4. Your gearing up for the warm weather as we are starting to feel a nip in the air and chilly mornings and nights are starting to come as autumn falls.
    What lovely pictures.