Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Oh this glorious, glorious spring weather.

The windows are open.

The toenails are painted.

The daily sunless tanning lotion has been applied to my pasty-white body.


I feel like I haven't taken a breath in months.

Oh yeah, the kids like it, too.

We've been loving a little hide-and-seek action.

"Mama does not see you." he says.

The Wee one loves to be the seeker.

"Find him! Find him!" he says, then he runs around in
circles, yelling "Wheah ah you?"

There are endless T-Ball games, where the Big Boy dictates the ever-shifting rules of offense, defense and who has permission to touch which of the several balls in play.

"Mama will get her own ball, den Mama will be da pitch-ah."

And the sandbox, that great unifier of all children, has been getting a lot of love this week.

"Do not dump that on his head. Do NOT..."
"Oh jeeze come here, Bud. Mama will clean it off."
"You need to say sorry for dumping that on his head."
"No more dumping sand! Put that down!"

How do you welcome spring?


  1. you have all the fun..all i have to look forward to crocus and daffodils..wish i could referee some of the fights..would get alot of laughs..enjoy the good weather..

  2. I'm celebrating spring by letting Maeve walk places instead of carrying her - it's great for both of us, better for my back, and we can take our time. I'm learning that there is no hurrying a toddler. :)

  3. I also victoriously opened all my windows this weekend...I can totally sympathize with feeling like you haven't taken a breath in months. The downside, however, of said window-opening is that it causes the bits of dust that have been clinging ever-so desperately to various portions of my house and that have *somehow* missed the broom, duster, mop and vacuum, to go scooting around my hardwood floors. Fluffy little grey bits of dust look a lot like fluffy little grey mice if you're not paying attention, so I spend the rest of my day screaming, jumping on the couch and then cursing. Its my version of "spring cleaning". ;)

  4. I have been outside every spare minute I can. The weather here is fantastic, but we do have gnats that come out in the morning and evening. Unless there is a breeze, the gnats are unbearable. Love the shot of your wee one playing tee-ball. We are big baseball fans here and spend quite a bit of time with the tees!
    Have a great Tuesday.

  5. love your commentaries!! They crack me up :-)
    Spring must be such a reprieve for those of you who have such cold winters!

  6. SO cute! Bring on the warm weather!

  7. Now that is the way to welcome spring!! I especially liked the part about the sandbox!! You are so patient!