Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring, dammit.

I hereby declare that it is officially spring. Even if I have to take it by force.

No more snow. No  more colds. No more sleet, freezing rain or ice.

No more scraping car windows. No more wrestling children into snow boots.

I will tolerate hats and mittens for a little while, but not for too long, Spring, do you hear me?

We've already made our first few trips to the local playgrounds - lingering snow be damned.

Umm, Mama? There's still snow here.
It's Spring! Go play.

So, off they toddled to explore the familiar landscape with bodies and abilities that are far different than they were last fall.

As always, one right behind the other.

I sit back and watch the Big Boy contemplate trying new things.

Will he climb up this year?

Stretching the limits of his blossoming imagination.

"It's not da dawk cave."
No honey, it's not a dark cave, go ahead.

Some things, though, some things never change.

The Big Boy still loves his digger best of all.

And the Wee One? He "likes" the see-saw, in the way that only a nearly-two-year-old can.
Him: "Git on?"
Me: "You want to get on, Bud?"
Him: "No!"
Me: "Ok."
Him (exasperated): "GIT ON!"

"You like the see-saw, Bud?"

I know sunshiny, sixty degree days are coming. They have to be. I just wish they'd hurry it up a bit!


  1. you go girl - tell that weather who's in charge!!
    We had a kinder teacher who used to say 'there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing' - looks like this is a theory you've embraced :-)

  2. if any one can control the weather gods it will be little nurse..he he..loved the playground pics at least you can see the ground..

  3. Agreed! I took Maeve to the park yesterday just to get us out of the house and it was still a little snowy but both our attitudes were a lot better after the walk!

  4. That looks like a pretty awesome playground, even if it is covered in a little bit of snow! I'll try and send some of our warm weather to you (it was in the 80s here yesterday--don't hate me). :)

  5. Hubby thought I was crazy for packing away most of the kids' winter clothes and bringing out the t-shirts. I just call it "wishful thinking."

    March 20th was the vernal equinox, two and a half weeks ago... I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo.

  6. Right on -- get out there -- no matter what! If enough of us are doing it, spring has gotta listen!