Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreary Monday

Hey gang,

How was your weekend?

Our Handy Boy spent his weekend doing some much needed repairs in the lovely weather.

"Wusty is fixin' da well."

While the Wee One spent an inordinately large amount of time pushing around a toy car and laughing maniacally.

He's  a weird little dude, this one.

I required a trip to the doctor to ease a hacking cough.

If I could add a little super-hero cape
to this cough syrup, I would.

And then, with my hacking cough under a wee bit more control, I did something brave. I can't believe I did it, but I did.

Really, Melissa?  Yep.

Now, I wait a few days to see if I passed the exam, and if I did I get to (gulp) start student teaching and preparing to lead my own class. 

What was one brave thing that you did? Or attempted to do, despite being nervous? I'd love to know I'm not alone in this category.


  1. I try to do one uncomfortable thing every day even if it's just trying a new grocery store instead of going to the old standby. Good for you for taking a risk!

  2. How exciting! Hope you don't have to wait too long for the results! As for my brave thing? I've developed a fear to tacking up a horse before my weekly riding lesson so yesterday I had a great first coaching session confronting my fear and seeing myself through a horse's eyes ... and it was very eye-opening for this particular human being!
    Have a great week. x

  3. I tried backwoods skiing through trees. Didn't hit any, but I did end up with a bump on the head and some lovely bruises on my legs.

    I swear, reading about your boys sometimes feels like I'm reading about my own!

  4. Tonya - very wise, mama. I NEVER stray from my grocery store :)
    Gayle - I am so jealous of your horseback riding lessons - now there's something I'd LOVE to do
    NHG - backwoods skiing! brave! I would have ended up with broken bones, I think :) It is so nice to know there's someone else out there with two boys this age - if you can survive, I can survive :)

  5. Good for you! Something brave I did this weekend....hmm, oh I let my three oldest kids play at the park across the street on their own. Something so simple but kind of freaked me out. They are growing up and I have t trust them!!
    Oh and the weird dudes are my favourite!

  6. i think the pilates is awesome and i can't wait to go to one of your classes..i am sure you will be awesoome..i took off to visit someone in worcester at a location i did not know with only a GPS..for me that is being brave and it worked out dad's GPS prevents me from getting lost..let us know how you did on the exam ..hope you are feeling better..

  7. I can't wait to hear about your test results! As for me, I tried baking something new and different and so far no one has died from my food, hooray!

  8. Good luck with the pilates! how exciting.

  9. OH how exciting for you!!! Pilates is so cool!! I hope your cough has eased up on you. Those are so annoying!! Alas, I don't think I did anything brave this past weekend, but you have inspired me to try something this week!

  10. Alright, I was impressed before, but now I'm really impressed. How exciting! I have always been a yoga girl, but lately I've been taking piyo because the class time is more convenient. Let me tell you what, those pilates moves burn! I can only dream of being fit enough to stand in front of a pilates class ;) It's been awhile since I tried something brand new - that should change!

  11. Oh, fantastic!! Congratulations on that big awesome step! I have my fingers crossed that you hear you passed very soon! Can't wait to hear more!