Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving on

No puke talk today, I promise.

The Big Boy is finally keeping down some bland solid food. Progress! I say, progress!

Though, he is still spending a great deal of time sacked out on his bean bag.

But I am finally letting him back on the carpet.

When he does venture outside, he's keeping it pretty low-key.

This photo is actually from Easter Sunday, just an hour of so before

And I have another Easter photo to share with you - a lovely view of our fabulous.... playroom!

Still needs rugs, chalkboard, comfy seating...
but it's great for playing ball!

Thanks for putting up with all my puke-talk lately. I promise - nothing but sunshine and rainbows for awhile. 

Yeah, right.


  1. i love that you started with a "no puke" promise!! HAHAHA!!
    glad to hear he's feeling better!!

  2. Glad your little man is feeling better. We were at the ER most of yesterday with one here who has been sick. Thank goodness there won't be an operation!

  3. Poor really hit him hard! I'm glad to hear that he is feeling a bit better. I love the playroom, what a great space.

  4. Horray for the playroom! Soon they'll be feeling up to using it energetically!