Monday, April 4, 2011


Good Monday morning.

How's it going?

Riddle me this, mamas: Did your children get gastro-intestinal disturbances while teething? Mine sure do. I'll spare you the details but - yuck. Uncle, molars. Uncle.

In non-poop-related-news, when I sat down tonight to download the weekend's pictures from my camera, I discovered a bizarre sequence of photos, consisting entirely of the underside of a lamp.

Umm, Hubs? Why were you taking photos of the lamp?

The true culprit became clear as I scrolled through the seemingly endless run of lamp-photos.

That, my friends, is the top of the Wee One's head.
The little bugger snatched and used my camera!

Evil genius?


In other news, we played in the snow for what will hopefully be the last time for a while (please, God).

Snow on Opening day?
No wonder the Sox lost all weekend.

Sadly, the April-Fool's nor'easter prevented my beloved contractor from finishing up in the basement so no new photos yet - he's coming tomorrow though, so an update is coming soon!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. spent the weekend watching the sox go down in defeat three times hubs must be beside himself. also had a great lunch at the mex restaurant ..had to send you the pic as dad had better be careful ordering the GRANDE again

  2. Funny mystery photos! Perhaps he has a future career in espionage or photo jounalism...

  3. Oh dear, the sox...let's forget this opening weekend and begin fresh.

    I love the lamp photos! Too funny!!

  4. Coming to you from Poop-ville, teething AND a stubborn stomach bug here! Ugh ...

    Love the photos, love to see what catches little ones' eyes!

    Here's hoping the snow will be gone soon and your team can get on with winning! (As an aside, I have family near Boston, also fans).


  5. No poop issues to report but I am currently dealing with the hysterical-screaming-at-2-am-teething. You can shoot me at any time. I'd be much obliged!