Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Moments

Hey Gang. Friday Moments with SouleMama again today.

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Spring has sprung here, dear friends.

Every year these gorgeous, hardy little beauties pop up in my yard. Every year it is a complete surprise to me that they have survived. I have the blackest thumb in the history of mankind, and yet - these little guys - they just soldier on, with absolutely no intervention by me. Oh how I love perennials.

Despite how un-springlike the weather has become the past two days - these cheerful little flowers keep me sane. It's spring, dammit, they say to  me, and you know - I wholeheartedly agree.

Yesterday we dyed Easter Eggs.

This was one of my first forays into holiday-themed-craft-type activities. The Big Boy finally seems to have an attention span long enough to handle simple instructions, and an interest in "helping mama" with an important job.

Sometimes he refuses to take his coat off.
I know, he's an odd little dude.

He was fascinated by the process, and delighted by the colorful eggs.

We only broke two, and in my book - that goes down as a triumphant success!

Quality control.

It was really good mama-son time, especially during a week where needs have been high, patience has been short, and younger brothers have been ... well ... scream-y.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope your weekend is awash in family fun, laughs, love and candy. For those of you who don't, I hope your weekend is also full of family fun, laughs, love and candy. In the end, we're all after the same things, no?

Thank you, as always for visiting here.

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Only two broken eggs! That's a pretty successful egg dying experience in my book.

    Here's our moment:

  2. love the continuity of traditions can see your uncles just like the big guy coloring eggs with nana..she would love it..did the big boy get a haircut he looks awesome??

  3. Only two, huuuuge success in my book too!
    And your spring flowers are lovely...we've had such funny weather here in melbourne lately (very cold, and then sunny again) that our spring bulb have started sprouting too...I don't hold out much hope for their survival though once winter does hit!
    have a fab easter with your lovely little buddies!

  4. Looks like a lovely moment and only two eggs broken is a huge success here too. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  5. Great moments this week! And only two eggs broken the first time coloring is great! You go girl! Now, if only the weather would warm up and become spring like around here we'd be all good!

    Here's our moment:

    Have a wonderful Earth Day and a great weekend!

  6. Easter fun! I hate to admit that we didn't get around to doing eggs this year :(

    Here's our moment

  7. Heck, I broke more eggs last week just from opening the fridge door too fast. Looks like a great time--have a happy Easter!

  8. Dying eggs with littles is fantastic! Now as a "grown up" it seems to go so much faster than I remember as a kid!

    Here is our moment, also a peek into Easter:

  9. What a great collection of Easter, spring, and Earth day pics! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. Such beautiful flowers you have coming up!
    I got in trouble with my kids yesterday for neglecting egg dying this year...Maybe we'll have to do some tomorrow.

  11. Looks like a great and happy time. Yay!

    Our poor tulips were blown around fiercely today. ARGH!

    Happy Easter! :-)

    Our moment: