Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A little bit o this and a little bit o that.

This one's for you, Liz. Can you spot the baby in this photo?

Did you find him? It's like Where's Waldo!


I am doing this little advent-calendar-type-thing this year. I strung up 24 mittens on the mantle, and every day we take one down and the big boy gets a little treat.

Cute, no?

The unexpected bonus is that he wears the mitten around the house for the remainder of the afternoon.
"Would you like another mitten for your other hand?" I ask.

He's like Michael Jackson! 
Before he was creepy.


I spend a lot of time outside. I mean two to four hours a day - standing around in the freezing cold. In an effort to be less grumpy about this I have purchased a sweet pair of snowpants and I put "wool socks" on my Christmas list.

I even went to the LL Bean outlet armed with a gift card and a coupon and bought myself some sherpa-lined boots. When I got home I immediately went to put them on and take the kids outside.

Unfortunately, I don't have two left feet.

Seriously? Yeah, seriously - two left boots.



  1. poor missy ..back to bean to get a replacement. love the photos of the big B he is such a busy beaver and your photo taking does not even disturb him..love jay's new profile pic ..looks like two great minds meeting one the engineer and the other the future engineer they are both so cute!!

  2. Your fireplace (and all its mittens)-- adorable. What a good idea.

  3. Thanks guys :)
    R&T got the idea from www.kellehampton.com - altho her fireplace looks way more sophisticated than mine :)

  4. Oh...the two lefts....so unfortunate...

  5. I love the mitten idea! And doesn't it just get to you when you have to do things twice...drives me CRAZY. Good luck with the return.

  6. Leanne - YES! goodnes it's SUCH a hassle dragging the boys anywhere that having to do it TWICE just adds insult to injury!!

  7. Oh I love the mitten idea for the advent calendar. How sweet!