Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow and chaos

Today it snowed a little.

The conversation went like this, "Look, honey - snow!"
"No, honey. S-s-s-now"
"Snow." he said, then he turned his back and toddled away. Way to suck the joy out of the moment with an impromptu grammar lesson, mama.

"Can we quit the linguistics and have some fun now?"

Even he-who-hates-changes was psyched.

"It's wike Kwist-mas, Mama."

Then we went to run errands, and by the time we came home the snow was all gone. Drat.

So we came inside for lunch and the boys uncovered my secret stash of cookie tins, and other gift-wrapping paraphernalia. 

Cookie tins make AWESOME drums.

Did ya notice the baby in the background talking into the nutcracker? "Ha-woah?"

How long before he whacks the baby with that, do you think?

About thirty seconds.

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