Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lookin' for some good

I have a bit of a heavy heart today.  Don't panic, everything's fine in my house. I'm just aware of some friends and loved ones who are in the midst of a difficult time, and there's nothing for me to do about it but offer support and pray. And I for one, am not big on sitting around. I am a do-er, a go-getter, a jump right in and get dirty kind of gal. So, faced with all worry and no action, I'm a little restless and irritable.

Annoyed by my own self, I looked around today and tried to find a few things for which to offer gratitude. Lo and behold, I found some.

I may have to stand around in the cold this afternoon, but at least I can have a nice cup of soup to take with me.


Hubs showed me the "sport" setting on my little camera so now I can take a photo of the big boy in action without ending up with a blurry dud.

Winter is upon us. These shadows
were cast at noon in NH.

Finally found a pair of mittens my evil genius can't get off. Ha! Mama: 1, Wee One: 0.

You may have won this battle, mama.
But the war isn't over.

There was even some middle of the day bath time to soothe a diaper rashy bum. Did you know a little baking soda in the bathwater does wonders for diaper rash? It's true - just look at this happy face.

I think that bruise in the center of his forehead
may actually become permanent.

And finally, you know I went to the kitchen to ease my mind. Meatballs in the crock pot and bread in the bread machine.  A little comfort food always goes a long way in my house.

I am often in this position  - wishing there was more I could do, not just today - but in lots of areas of my life. Frequently however, there just isn't anything to be done. Or, I'm not in a position to be out there doing it.  It's hard for me be idle, I find myself feeling pressured to be doing something "worthwhile" in order to feel worthwhile myself.  But, I have found if I can shift my focus, and offer up some gratitude, I become a little less restless.  For today I am doing what needs to be done, even if I wish it could be more.

For those of you having a tough day today - I hope this blog post gave you a smile. I'd be grateful for that.  That smile, in my mind at least, would have made my work today worthwhile.



  1. i am with you on this blog..feel very impotent at times just have to put foot in front of foot and get through the that butternut squash soup..(my favorite )thought i could smell it through the computer he he..looks delish..CALL ME ABOUT THE JEWELRY..that is me yellling at you he he..

  2. Oh hooray Sharron - you make my day. Hope things are going okay over there. xo

  3. I do smile each time I read through an adventure or mishap you describe! And I totally have these type of days too... meatballs and fresh bread sound like a good remedy!

  4. Oh Thank you Christie - that means the world to me.