Friday, December 17, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll Christmas

This post may be somewhat garbled, I warn you. I'm a little tired, having only slept for say... I dunno, fifteen minutes?

But, I digress.

Why no sleep, Melissa? Because last night we took my mom to see the...




Oh yeah, you heard me.  The TSO.

My mom loves these guys, you should have seen her - I hadn't seen her this excited since we all went to see Richard Marx circa 1989.

Where'd we see them? Prah-vidence a'course.

The Dunk

Please excuse the quality of these photos - I don't have a fancy camera and we were, umm, a bit in the nosebleeds.

So, how was the show? Well let me tell you - you know there were lasers.

Lots of lasers.

Seriously, there was a somewhat obscene amount of lasers. My eye doctor would have been alarmed.

Fa la la la lasers la la la.

Then in addition to the lasers, there were some rockin' Christmas tunes, played with a lot of running around. I had no idea you could play the violin while literally sprinting back and forth across the stage, climbing stairs and headbanging.

This guy came sprinting out onto this catwalk at such breakneck speed
I thought for a second he might actually fall off.

If you look closely at this next photo you will see three guys on platforms dangling above the stage. They were gyrating so wildly the platforms were swaying all over the place. It was a little scary.

See them hanging there? They were
swinging like pendulums, I swear.

Then violin-guy came charging out onto the catwalk, and I thought the entire crowd on my side of the arena might actually combust with joy. Including my mother, who I nearly had to restrain.

Although he does not appear to have a face in this photo -
I can assure you, he did indeed have a face.

In addition to all the lasers, there was also quite a lot of smoke.

Cough! No worries - I think it was Christmas smoke,
which is entirely non-toxic.

There were also quite a lot of flames - I tried extremely hard to get a picture of the flames shooting up but try as I might, I could not get the timing down and I have forty seven pictures of the second after  the flame.  But you can trust me - there were some serious pyrotechnics.

It was a totally rockin' Christmas show, gang, my ears are still ringing and my retinas do not appear to have been permanently damaged by the lasers. Hooray!


  1. way cool! I feel like I should say something like 'awesome' but that would just show my age :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Wowee Zowee! I had no idea the Trans Siberian Orchestra was so rockin'. I love your comment about Richard Marx - LOL! And I think your photos came out fine!

  3. Cate - Dude it was totally awesome!! :)

    Tonya - we were serious Richard Marx fans back in the day :)

  4. I have one of their Christmas CD's. My parents saw their concert years ago as well. Stopped in from Soule Mama.

  5. Oh, these photos crack me up!! Looks like quite a rockin' time!!

    So, get some rest now!

  6. TSO is awesome and as a 1st time attendee at the concert i just loved it. my two daughters were awesome to take an "old lady " to a really rocking xmas show. these guys give the word carolling an entirely new meaning..thanks missy and i hope you can survive a sleep deprived day with the wee ones..YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  7. this post is hilarious! but even for my mom, i'm not sure i could stomach tso and all those lasers... you are a trouper!

  8. MamaQ - it was definately a gift to my mother in more than one sense of the word :) Total 80's flashback :)