Friday, December 10, 2010


My beloved children are on the war path today. I'm not sure what has come over them. They are crazily running around, screaming, and getting into loads of mischief.  Here are some of their exploits, for your viewing pleasure.

I was in the kitchen doing post-breakfast cleanup duty when I heard this outrageous banging/clanging sound - it sounded like a cymbal was being played in my dining room. I went running in there to find the boys banging hard enough on the wall to rattle my metal sconce - which made an apparently pleasing twaaaaang  as it vibrated.

Cooperative play at its' worst.

As I contemplated whether it was possible for the sconce to fall off the wall and injure them, the big one gets a terrible idea. If it makes a great noise when I bang the wall, imagine what a great noise it will make if I bang it directly! And he reaches up with his wooden spoon to give it a try:

Fortunately he isn't quite tall enough to
bring this horrible idea to fruition.

Later this afternoon I was in the kitchen doing post-lunchtime cleanup duty when I heard a strange ripping sound from the living room. I dashed in there to find my two cherubs dismantling the train table - ripping up the tracks which had been glued in place.

Drat! Cooperation again.

Luckily, "You can bix it." the big boy informs me, as he attempts to reassemble the tracks. Sadly, it still looks like Godzilla has been tearing through train-town.

"It goes wight deh-yah."

The Hubs is going to kill me, he hates this train-table-in-lieu-of-coffee-table in the living room idea of mine, and now it's broken into pieces that you know will be used as clubs.


At least now they're asleep and I have a few seconds to clean up. It looks (rather appropriately) like a train has come crashing through here.

Happy Friday! 


  1. i don't know what it is about kids - some days they just have their minds bent on destruction and chaos. perhaps the cycle of the moon? the cold weather? it is a mystery!
    love visiting your blog. come visit us when you get the chance.

  2. MamaQ - I don't know either - but I think you're right - it's got to be the phase of the moon or something ... whatever the cause, I hope it passes quickly. I really love - thanks for the leaving the link - I'll be visiting often!! xo

  3. I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I so am! This post is such a welcome read and a reminder that all parents at times have these "redecorating" (as I like to think of them) days with their kids!
    Great blog!

  4. I have to laugh at the train track deconstruction. My parents very thoughtfully glued train tracks to a table for Cam for his birthday - my step-mother spent so much time on it. Cam managed to tear off every single piece - I gave up on trying to put it back together!