Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend travels

On Sunday we took the boys to the Boston Children's Museum.

This was not my idea.

I am a little chicken about taking the kids ... well ... anywhere. The sheer magnitude of packing for every conceivable emergency and contingency that could crop up when travelling with these two un-potty trained wee humans is enough to give me sweaty palms.

Nonetheless, I was foisted out of my comfort zone by my beloved Hubs, who is one of those hang-your-head-out-the-window-of-a-moving-car-in-sheer-delight-ain't-life-grand kind of people. And he practically skipped out of the house this morning telling the kids, "We're going to Boston, guys!" So off we went.

It wasn't that bad. I didn't even need my CPR mask. But you know I had it with me.

We were also joined by our awesome cousin, who has eyes like a hawk when it comes to strangers, germs, and cute photo moments. And you know mama likes when the adults outnumber the wee ones. There's safety in numbers, guys.

B was fascinated by the nearly tame "city wildlife". Dude, don't touch the seagull. I don't know for sure, but I believe they are disease-laden and vicious.

Where we live, birds fly away when you poke 'em.

Although the exhibits were great, they weren't always the main attraction.

Guys, we have windows at home.

B was beyond psyched that he could touch the computers. He kept saying (with wide-eyed disbelief) "You can touch da com-pew-tah?"

Kept checkin' over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't in trouble.

Then there was the cool flashlight/shadow exhibit. "Hey Bud, who's that?"

I dunno.

In case you are feeling too clean, there is this big room with water tables and sparkly-sand tables.

Great, we drove for an hour and paid money so he could
play with the same darn spatula he plays with at home.

The wee one couldn't reach the sand or the water. Yet somehow, he still managed to get soaked.

I am not impressed.

He did rock the blocks though.


This may be the first time ever that the boys have shared a toy.

Don't blink, you might miss it.

Then we walked a thousand miles (while I carried the twenty pounder) to see the folks ice skating at the common. 

He's heavier than he looks.

After that herculean feat, we needed a little java to motivate the walk back to the car. 

Hey, gimme that.

And finally, the best moment of any road trip...

Down goes one.

Down goes the other.

Hope your weekend was great and did not involve hefting a heavy baby for miles in downtown Boston. Where'd I put the ibuprofen?


  1. How fun! I've been wanting to take the little boys, but I have the same issues about taking them out in public. Especially the ride into Boston and trying to park!

  2. It was okay - there's a parking garage right next to the museum and it wasn't a bad drive. You could also take the T in - there's a stop right nearby. Altho I also hear there's a children's museum in Dover - less scary to drive to :) Haven't been there yet tho

  3. Beautiful, nice you see you guys having fun and your bubs sleeping is so darn cute!

  4. Thanks guys :)
    Christie - sleeping definitely increases the cuteness factor :)
    Katie - Thank you!