Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little bit of awesome.

It's official. My beloved camera is toast. I suppose, I never really thought it had a chance since I dropped it into a glass of water, but alas - it has been thoroughly dismantled by computer-savvy-neighbor-friend and declared officially deceased. A moment of silence.

Luckily we have Hub's old digital camera to fall back on - it's so lively and quick I've been able to take such awesome photos as these:

The shutter-speed-too-slow photo!

"Sport" mode's too slow. Where's that
"hyperactive toddler" mode?

Not to be outdone is the: out-of-focus-and-oddly-tinted-orange photo!

Blurry, yet festive, no?

And finally there's the: awkwardly-close-up photo!

Yeah, he's eating a plastic bolt. What?

Totally awesome, no?

I'll have you know this is the second beloved electronic device to be dunked in water. Let us not forget the blackberry into the kiddie swimming pool incident last summer.

But, in my defense, those are the only two electronic devices I have ever destroyed. Well, I did drive off with the portable phone on the roof of my car (twice) but it wasn't ME who put it there.

This defense isn't going very well, is it?

Better quit while I'm ahead.

Off to go read the stupid camera manual.

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  1. oh poor crazy missy. you are techno phobic like your mother just likes to play with your spirit..i think the photos are very artsy..i like them hope all is well at n.h. give boys kisses for me..