Monday, December 20, 2010

Big boy's big day

Oh Saturday we did a marvelous thing.

And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say, that this mama's small heart grew three sizes that day.

Can you guess?

I have to preface this story by reiterating the fact that the big boy hates anything new. He hates getting dressed. Hates new shoes. Hated the Christmas tree. He still hates the new swim teacher and we're 7 weeks in now. He is "slow to warm" according to all the parenting literature I've read.

But, much to my complete shock - look at this face:

New shoes. A new place. A new activity. And yet, that grin.

Ice skating. He totally understood the concept, "Just wike da Bwoo-ins!"

He sat patiently (grinning) while we tried on skates and helmets.

The first moment.

He laughed and struggled once he hit the ice "Wet go, mama!"

Oh look at this face.


Eventually Hubs encouraged me to release my death grip.

Check me out. Solo.

Something in my heart just cracked.

Who's more thrilled?

It isn't very often in my experience as a parent that we get a grand slam. But this time, Hubs and I, we knocked it right out of the park.

He was so happy. So completely, utterly thrilled.

It was awesome.

What did the wee one think?

Well, he liked it, too.

This ain't so tough.

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  1. bruins watch out..i see a winger or a "big defense man" ..he is awesome and think you finally found something he more gymnastics and swimming HE IS A HOCKEY PLAYER love the pics..even coby looks comfortable on the ice..i guess it is in the n.h. air