Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey Guys,

How was your weekend?

In our neck of the woods  -  we did a little yard work.

Everything goes faster with a little help.

Despite the balmy weather, we played a rousing game of driveway hockey.

Who needs ice?

The Big Boy chased his puck around, scoring goals, passing, and perfecting his mean slapshot, until he collapsed in fatigue.


We had a wonderful visit with dear friends, filled with fun and laughs. It was just another ordinary weekend - but when I think back on it - I remember the extraordinary moments - the cute baby moments, the funny big kid moments, those blessed post-bedtime adult conversation moments.

Sure there were poopy diapers and screaming tantrums, the floors are sticky and in desperate need of a scrubbing. The cat keeps puking up pollen. It ain't always pretty here. But I'll take it.

What did you do with yourself this weekend?


  1. I love ordinary weekends-they are filled with so much life! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I hope your Monday is wonderful too.

  2. hey looks like big boy feeling better hope you are too ..did the new baby come up or was it cousin ..any way sound like fun

  3. My weekend was filled with laughter and a slew of family members ready and willing to take on Sammy duty--in fact, I don't think I had to change a single diaper or wash a single bottle all weekend. Oh my, it was fabulous. (I love the photo of the big boy on the ground, too cute/funny!)