Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running the numbers

Number of minutes spent hunting May Flies: 35

Number of May Flies killed: 0

Number of pounds I have lost since adopting new weight-loss plan: 0.8

Weight loss plan summary:
* Do not change diet in any legitimate fashion. (check!)
* Attempt to eat less of the kids' snack bag (fail)
* Eat daily apple instead of pilfering from the kids snack bag (1/2 check - successful addition of apple to diet, while otherwise unable to stay away from goldfish)
* Stay out of the Easter candy (epic fail)

Number of hours of sleep last night: 5
Total hours in bed: 6
Total hours spent coughing: 1

Number of ice coffees consumed this week: 2 (though, one was homemade)

Number of minutes spent sitting with the Big Boy in the bathroom yesterday: 45
Number of successful pees/poops on the potty: 0

Number of minutes spent pondering exponentially expanding to-do list: 200
To-do's accomplished: 3

Number of times I said, "Oh sh*t" in front of the Wee One: 1
Number of times he repeated it: 15

Number of vegetables consumed by either child yesterday: 0

Number of extraordinary mothers I wish to honor with a thoughtful, heartfelt gift this weekend: 7
Number of gifts purchased: 0

Number of bowls of cereal spilled on the floor by the Big Boy this morning: 1
Number of swears uttered by mama: 0 (success!)

What are your stats today?


  1. I think if I were to do my stats I would just cry! Example: Days of healthy eating: 1/2
    {at least the Easter candy is now
    all gone in my home}.
    And I normally don't eat candy...these middle age hormones are going to drive me nuts! HA.
    Have a great day.

  2. love the stats if we were all honest our important stats would be the same..hope at least everyone getting better..need some of this great summer sun..happy cinco de mayo ..have a big glass of sangria and enjoy the sun

  3. Ha ha! Love it. I, too, am guilty of raiding the candy stash - I feel as if I deserve a treat! What would I do without my coffee? Certainly not survive for very long. Can't believe you are still sick - poor thing!

    When I first read your stat about the mothers you want to honor this weekend, I said "huh? why?" Then it dawned on me - oh yeah, it's mother day! Don't forget to honor yourself, Melissa!

  4. This just make me laugh a bit out loud. I think mine is along the same lines for the week. Fun to look back and poke a little fun at things. And honestly... nothing wrong with adding the apple and still going for the easter candy.. they balance out, right?